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Why use a Switchboard Builder instead of and Electrician?

When implementing a project involving electrical controls it can be difficult to know whether to use a qualified switchboard builder or an electrical contractor. While there are pros and cons for each choice, we will explain why a specialist board builder is recommended.


One of the best reasons to use an established switchboard builder is you get to benefit from their years in the business. The time and energy devoted to perfecting their systems and processes can only result in superior consistency and efficiency. Unlike electricians, dedicated switchboard builders will have invested in a Quality Assurance System to manage the intricate details and resources used in building a quality switchboard. While industrial electricians have expertise in the field, they will not have the high attention to detail and refined production processes of specialised manufacturers.


Electricians may be proficient at electrical installation, but they usually lack formal training and experience in building switchboards. Reputable switchboard specialists, in comparison, will have decades of experience in building switchboards. Equipment manufacturers stand to benefit substantially from the experience and expertise of a switchboard builder who will ensure switchboards are built and installed to the highest standard.


A specialist switchboard builder will usually have a large factory with staff members working to wire up their switchboards. This is important for equipment suppliers who implement projects concurrently, as a board builder has the capacity to deliver switchboards quickly and consistently. An electrician is likely to be working part-time on building switchboards in a smaller, less equipped facility.


A detailed set of CAD drawings can save a lot of guesswork for your installer, which is another major benefit of using a reputable switchboard builder. CAD drawings are also very helpful once the project is finalised as electricians can refer to them in future when modifying your switchboard or troubleshooting problems.


Technology is constantly advancing in the electrical switchboard industry, and competent switchboard builders must keep on top of these changes. When you use a reputable switchboard builder, you can be confident that your board will be up-to-date, using current technology and equipment to comply with Australian standards.


A reputable switchboard builder will have an extensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) regime that will ensure the switchboards is operational and fault free before being installed. This will reduce commissioning time. Not undergoing a FAT will lead to fault finding on site and on the run modifications. This will also cause delay in bringing the switchboards into service.


There is a financial benefit to using a switchboard manufacturer over an electrician as a larger company will not request a deposit and usually offer 30-day payment terms (subject to account approval). You are less likely to have financial issues when dealing with a well-established and stable switchboard builder.

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